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We have added a small forum to the site, for those who which to discuss the Scriptures, various features of the Divine Plan, Bible Student history, or just wish to fellowship. Some may remember in the past we had a very popular forum that proved to be a blessing to many, and there were many lively discussions. Unfortunately the  forum was hacked and destroyed and all the content was lost.

Some have requested a new forum be installed to continue these lively discussions, and after prayerful consideration, have installed a small forum and see where the Lord takes it.

To join just go to the link and create a simple account:

Bible Students Forum

The forum is still a work in process, so please be patient.





7 thoughts on “Bible Students Forum”

  1. Happy days😀 The Bible Student Forum is back! I have been attending some interesting online Bible studies that would be probably bring some pertinent discussion; back in August, I was invited to a ‘sister study’ (online) of brother Frank Shallieu’s ‘The Keys of Revelation’ book; we’ve just finished up the the first three chapters of Revelation… I have been doing a lot of cross referencing with Pastor Russell’s information and thus far haven’t found it to be any different… it’s an interesting read, that’s for sure, faith strengthening, indeed! 💗🌟💗 Lord bless!

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